Meridith Robb, Director of Administration and Media Management, Dance Xross Fitness, Soul Line Dance

Meridith is a remarkable individual whose dedication, passion, and intelligence shine through her work. As an invaluable member what the CCE family, she is known for her unwavering work ethic and her exceptional problem-solving abilities. Meridith’s journey with CCE began in 2001 when she selflessly started volunteering her time. Over the years, her commitment and contributions to the organization led her to the position of Board President. In 2016, she accepted the role of Administrative Director, where she skillfully utilized her 30 years of experience in Business Management and Human Resources to propel CCE forward.

Inspired by both by own musical experiences as her daughter’s interest in dance, Meridith witnessed the transformative power of CCE’s programs firsthand. Her daughter’s journey from an after-school dance program taught by the talented Drew to becoming an internationally recognized dancer/choreographer with Energy Dance Company and eventually a dance teacher further shaped Meridith’s perspective on the importance of arts education. Beyond Meridith’s administrative responsibilities, her talents are multifaceted. She is a gifted teaching artist, imparting her knowledge and skills to dance enthusiasts.

Furthermore, her expertise in graphic design and media management brings an aesthetic flair to CCE’s visual representation. Meridith’s dedication, extensive skill set and ability to make a positive impact have undoubtedly elevated CCE’s mission to new heights. Her unwavering commitment to fostering artistic growth and community engagement serves as an inspiration to all.

Contact Meridith at [email protected]