Non Profit Partnerships:

CCE collaborates with other non-profit organizations to offer workshops, programs and performances at the intersection of our missions.

Some of our partners include:
o Ramapo for Children
o RUPCO Housing and Community Development
o TMI Project
o Art Effect
o People’s Place
o My Kingston Kids
o Harambee
o AJ William Myers African Roots Library
o Read and Write Program

Example Collaborations:

o Drum Boogie Festival
o African American Festival with Harambe
o My Kingston Kids Kidsfest and Halloween Fest
o Juneteenth event with R.E.A.L. Skills Family Partnership

Workshops & Programs:
o African American History Month workshops with AJ Myers
o Ramapo for Children dance and drumming workshops
o Read and Write Program – Summer Camp Program
o Voices in Action Benefit and Storytelling Showcase for TMI – Storytelling Workshop and Performance
o Lip Synch Battle Fundraisers