Bryant “Drew” Andrews, Executive Director, Energy Dance Company and DXF-Dance Xross Fitness Creator

 Bryant “Drew” Andrews is a dynamic community leader with over 30 years of human service experience, an unbridled passion for the arts and a dedicated focus on youth engagement. Encapsulating art-based pedagogy: Drew provides high-quality arts education, a safe and supportive learning environment, a platform for youth to find their voice and prepares, encourages and guides students of all ages as they navigate life…with a big smile and sense of humor.
> He is a fair and respected leader with a finely attuned sense of social responsibility, taking a personal interest in the well-being and improvement of the community and always ready to brainstorm and collaborate on new ideas.
> A true philomath, Drew and has enhanced his degrees in human services and youth counseling with professional development at Stanford and Harvard. He founded Energy Dance Company, winning national and international awards and recognition for over 25 years and DXF®, a high-energy community-based fitness program.
> As co-founder of CCE, Drew originated the Artistic Director role in 1999 and became Executive Director in 2016. His vision, contributions and leadership emanated into a larger state-of-the-art facility, a 135% increase in income and a well-established relationship with schools, businesses, organizations and local legislatures, making a positive, long-term impact on youth and adults in the community.

Contact Drew at [email protected]