Mercedes McCdole

I remember being nervous and terrified to be in the front line and dance with the bright lights shining down on me. Then gradually I remember moving closer and closer to the front of the line. I ended up being fearless, conquering the routine and wanting too go back on stage again when we were finished because I then yearned … Read More

Robert & Kate Hite (Parents)

Our daughter Allie danced with CCE for a decade and the positive effects on her being part of this community are quite profound. Her sense of self and empowerment and the ability to be disciplined and self motivated are aspects that will always inform the special, clear and self assured person that she is. As parents we are so thankful … Read More

Adeline Hite

Having CCE in my life for such a long time has shown me the importance of having a creative outlet. When I started at 8 years old I didn’t exactly realize this, but creative education / thought is a discipline that is almost entirely missing from public education in the U.S. Just to name a few skills that I attribute … Read More