Skylar Walker, Harmonic Hearts Youth Choir

Skylar Walker, 20

Born and Raised in Atlanta Georgia the stage has been her sanctuary
and safe place . Skylar’s Story starts at her church where she
participated in endless productions and led the drama , dance, and
music ministries while also attending the The Cobb County Center for
Excellence in the performing Arts. After graduating High School
Skylar Was offered the Posse Scholarship to continue her studies at
Bard College thousands of miles away from home, but Skylar never
turns down a challenge. She is currently Studying music and released
her first solo project this March 2019 entitled “ P U R E I N T E
N T I O NS” . She shines her light for all to see and hopes to
touch every corner of the world with not only her voice but with her
heart and love for the next generation of young superstars.