Kai M Sorensen, Brooklyn Music Factory

Kai was born in Cedar Rapids, IA but grew up in Blair, NE. IN. He has a BA in K-12 Music Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and an Associates in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. As a child, music wasn’t difficult for Kai to find – It ran in the family! “The first time I remember playing music was when I would attend my Uncle Jim’s children’s music shows. He goes by “Mister Jim”! I started really getting into music when I joined choir, and found the trumpet in 5th grade. However, my love for performing music came from playing in my High School garage band “Those Guys”. We covered all the early 2000 alt-pop/punk hits. Just best friends playing music together and we got the attention of the whole town (of 8,000 people…)”

Kai’s coolest gig? “I’m a member of the psyche/rock band Evolfo. Honestly I find everytime we play to be so cool but recently, we shared a bill with Steve Earle and the Dukes. It was at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and Steve was celebrating the 30th anniversary of Copperhead Road (great record!). Great town, amazing music, and a sold out show.”

When Kai isn’t playing music, you might find him exploring the great outdoors! “Any opportunity to fish, swim, or run around outside – that’s where you’ll find me.” Kai is also a self-proclaimed Star Wars Mega-Fan.

Most importantly, Kai would like to offer one piece of advice to his students: “Do everything you can to retain your voice. That was some advice that came to me a little too late. Don’t worry about what anybody thinks and speak from your heart. Translate that energy and passion into what you have to say musically and you’ll never go wrong.”