“Movimiento en Español” (6 and up) Maia Martinez

Learning Spanish while having a blast on the dance floor. We will learn basic Spanish as we dance popular dances and rhythms from the Hispanic culture. Learning to count, directions, greetings and dances like Merengue and Bachata from “Republica Dominicana”, Tango from Argentina, Chacha from  Cuba, Cumbia from Colombia, more dances from Mexico, Honduras to name few!!! Bilingual children are super welcome to join the fun, this will improve their vocabulary and give them a chance to learn from other Hispanic cultures!

“Ritmo en Español” (6+) Roberto Rodriguez

World renowned composer and drummer Roberto Rodriguez, a native of Havana, Cuba, is introducing a technique of learning Spanish by connecting the voice with the body. Students recite the language in rhythmic patterns and exercises while using the hands to express the rhythm and sounds of the language. This approach facilitates the fluid expression of Spanish by making training wheels of the hands and bringing the experience out of the head and into the body. Roberto also applies ear training and music appreciation skills to accomplish full immersion speaking and singing the the Spanish language.

“Ritmo en Español” is playful and conversational. It is based on comprehensible input, which is how we learned our first language so well. Results are immediate with this kinesthetic and enjoyable technique.