Energy Square

Named a ‘priority’ project, Energy Square will contribute to the City of Kingston’s 2017 award-winning $10M Downtown Revitalization Initiative.  This mixed-income, mixed-use approach to affordable housing will significantly electrify a city center, sparking an inspiring connectivity with its bold vision and heartfelt promise.

Essentially, Mid-town, the heart of Kingston’s business, education, arts and technology corridor, will be transformed. Energy Square’s symbolic synergy of collective energies – namely, the people and their creativity coupled with solar power and technology – is ideally positioned with proximity to jobs, healthcare, local restaurants and retail.  Its high “Net Zero for Living” standard will contain a geothermal ground source system as well as a 300 kWh system capacity solar array with an annual production of 352,000 kWh.  This will have the potential to generate and meet electricity usage of all common areas, residents and civic-use tenants

The 1.3-acre site will host new construction of a late 19th century-inspired design of a five-story building. This affordable housing development will include 57 mixed-income apartments, exterior green-space, a street-level civic center, a small café and a commercial space that local nonprofit, the Center for Creative Education (CCE), will soon call home.

In addition to its art and dance classes, CCE will provide a comprehensive, community-based art education and job-training program for young adults ages 18 to 25.

When combined, the net effect of these energies will produce an impact far greater than its sum, making the impact of Energy Square exponential.  By introducing safe, sustainable and affordable housing to its mix, stability in health, education, professional and personal life will follow suit in our community.

Finance and Funding Partners

Chase, City of Kingston, Morgan Stanley National Equity Fund, NYSERDA, NYS Homes and Community Renewal, NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, The Community Preservation Corporation

Project Team

Architect: Dutton Architecture
General Contractor: Affordable Housing Concepts
Artemis Landscape Architects; Brinnier & Larios Integral Building & Design; Lighthouse Solar; McCleery Engineering; Mulhern Consulting; Ross Dalland Engineers

Energy Square Partners

Center for Creative Education
Family of Woodstock
Ulster County


  • Total Development Cost: $21,862,189
  • Net Zero for Living
  • 3 Acre site
  • 11 Funding Sources
  • 57 Mixed Income Apartments include:
    (2) studios, (44) 1-bedroom, (7) 2-bedroom and (4) 3-bedroom apartments
  • 7 apartments designated for young adults ages 18-25
  • 11,000 square feet of commercial space

Professional Testimonials

“Center for Creative Education is excited to collaborate with RUPCO. The E2 project will allow CCE to house our growing programs in Arts education, wellness, cultural and technology for children, youth, adults and seniors. We look forward to collaborating with RUPCO on community driven projects and programs being offered at the new site. Energy Square will provide additional mixed-income housing, businesses, job opportunities and community programming, and will be a great benefit to Midtown and Kingston as a whole!” — Bryant “Drew” Andrews, Executive Director, Center for Creative Education

“Energy Square is the centerpiece of our placemaking efforts to help transform Midtown and the City of Kingston. Energy Square is leading the way with a sustainably designed, mixed use & income building that gathers people to live, work and play in the heart of Kingston, a city that is poised to thrive again in the 21st century.”  — Kevin O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, RUPCO

“Energy Square is a unique, sustainable and exciting development that breathes new life into an outdated property and makes it possible for people of all ages and income levels to call one of Kingston’s most vibrant neighborhoods home. By connecting residents to education and job training, while at the same time removing blight and creating state-of-the art affordable apartments for approximately 100 New Yorkers, we are realizing Governor Cuomo’s vision of making Kingston and the entire state a better place to live.”  — RuthAnne Visnauskas, Commissioner/CEO, NYS Homes and Community Renewal

“The development of this extremely high energy efficient housing project underscores Governor Cuomo’s commitment and investment in reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the state’s housing stock. I congratulate all of the Energy Square partners for making affordable housing a priority and ensuring the community and its residents have access to high-quality, comfortable places to live and work.” — Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA