Bryant “Drew” Andrews, Executive Director, Energy Dance Company and DXF-Dance Xross Fitness Creator

 Bryant “Drew” Andrews is a dynamic community leader with over 30 years of human service experience, an unbridled passion for the arts and a dedicated focus on youth engagement. Encapsulating art-based pedagogy: Drew provides high-quality arts education, a safe and supportive learning environment, a platform for youth to find their voice and prepares, encourages and guides students of all ages … Read More

Meridith Robb, Director of Administration and Media Management, Dance Xross Fitness, Soul Line Dance

Meridith is a remarkable individual whose dedication, passion, and intelligence shine through her work. As an invaluable member what the CCE family, she is known for her unwavering work ethic and her exceptional problem-solving abilities. Meridith’s journey with CCE began in 2001 when she selflessly started volunteering her time. Over the years, her commitment and contributions to the organization led … Read More

Lisa Brown, Program Manager / Choreographer / DXF® – Dance Xross Fitness®

Lisa Brown has been dancing since the early age of 5, when her father forced her to participate in an art showcase he coordinated for their community in Staten Island, NY where she was born.  Despite the impromptu nature of this request, Lisa immediately connected with her natural given skill to dance and stole the show. At that point Lisa … Read More

Maia Martinez, DOJO Dance Company

Maia is Co-Director and instructor of Dojo Dance Company & Hudson Valley Tango. Her dance background extends from ballet, Argentine Tango, Latin dance, Modern Jazz, Folk, Flamenco & belly dance. She is also a licensed DXF coach and Groove facilitator for kids and adults. In 2017 created with her husband “The Hudson Valley Tango Festival”, the only existing Tango Festival … Read More

Jim Fitzmorris, Funky Beats (Percussion)

Jim Fitzmorris is a percussionist and vocalist who has performed in Vermont, New Jersey, and New York City with Afro-Brazilian ensembles and baterias such as Maracatu New York, Sambatucada, Naquele Tempo, and M’Zumé Carnaval. He studied intensively in 2007 and 2008 with percussion masters Jorge Alabe, Scott Kettner, Jorge Martins, and Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro at California Brazil Camp. Also … Read More

Sue Fick – DXF® – Dance Xross Fitness®

Sue has spent the last 25 years as a Health Kinesiologist and Energy Healer and has loved to dance since she could stand! She started taking classes with Drew about 12 years ago and was hooked. She participated in the first ever DXF coach training 6 years ago and has been teaching a low impact/beginners class ever since. It is … Read More

Meredith Sweeney

I started with the Energy Dance Company when I was in 6th grade, and danced for six years with the ensemble. Doing so PUSHED ME OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE – I was so quiet and shy when I was younger. “Energy” helped me be more social and definitely ALLOWED ME TO EXPERIENCE things, places and people. This would not … Read More

Naimah Muhammad

CCE has been inspirational in HELPING FIND MY PURPOSE today by instilling confidence in me when I was a little girl. Dance allowed me to EXPRESS MYSELF physically and verbally. Stimulating memories of practice sessions in the studio still remind me of the POWER OF TEAMWORK, the blessing of having an impressive instructor, and the lasting strength of accountability.

Ziabiya Cherry

I don’t know where I would be today without the CHARACTER it has helped me build; the obstacles it has HELPED ME OVERCOME; the fear it has helped me leave behind; the DOUBT IT HAS REMOVED from my mind; and the BLESSINGS it has brought to my life.

Nichole Naccarato

From constantly encouraging my SELF-CONFIDENCE, building lifelong friendships and giving me ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES to give back to the community, CCE has had nothing but a positive influence on my life from the first day I walked through those studio doors.