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Lisa Brown, Dance Coordinator / Choreographer / DXF® – Dance Xross Fitness® – Kingston

Lisa Brown has been dancing since the early age of 5, when her father forced her to participate in an art showcase he coordinated for their community in Staten Island, NY where she was born.  Despite the impromptu nature of this request, Lisa immediately connected with her natural given skill to dance and stole the show. At that point Lisa recognized her love for dance and realized early on that it was what she was destined to do. Lisa joined her father in an endeavor to start “Unique Fitness”, a dance studio launched in 2002 geared to attract young performers of Kingston, NY, the community in which she was raised.  Lisa taught dancers ranging from elementary age to High School. In 2003 Lisa and her father created a dance troupe called Energy Dance Company where Lisa was a primary dancer and key instructor. In 2006 Unique Fitness merged with the Center for Creative Education, a non-profit community organization based in Kingston, NY.  She maintained her position as a dance instructor and Troupe Leader along with coordinating numerous children’s programs and performance events. Lisa’s dance training stems from Broadway Dance Studio of New York, NY to Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy of Culver City, California. Lisa is known for her always new and fresh choreography and is loved and respected by all of her students as well as their parents.  For nearly 20 years Lisa has impressed others with her dynamic dance skills combined with her passionate work with children of all ages.  She is an avid believer in good mental and physical health and is determined to continue serving as a positive role model for youth. Contact Lisa at    

Heather Crowley & Sue Fick – DXF® – Dance Xross Fitness® – Kingston

Heather Crowley is a Phys. Ed. teacher at Devereux Foundation in Red Hook, NY. Sue Fick is a Health Kinesiologist and energy healer at Sue Fick Healing Practice in Lake Katrine.  Heather and Sue fell in love with the DXF program as students and went through training to become Licensed DXF® Coaches. They currently co-coach a beginners level Dance Xross Fitness at CCE. Dance Xross Fitness® is a fun, uplifting, cardio-interval fitness program that incorporates 4 disciplines: Dance, Kickboxing, Strength Training, and Soul Line Dancing; combining new and old school music and movement to engage all ages and ability levels in one 60 minute session.


DXF is fun for all ages! A multi-generational program structured to provide a fun and uplifting experience benefiting both adults and children. Extreme beginners and avid fitness enthusiasts alike will benefit from this movement program that proves all can achieve their fitness goals.

DANCE XROSS FITNESS DXF incorporates four disciplines of movement – dance, kickboxing, strength training and soul line dancing into this cardio fun interval training workout. With the music from old school R & B, Motown, African, Hip Hop, Latin, to new school Pop and Soca, it’s designed to strengthen your mind as well as your body.

This multi-sensory structured program incorporates auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods to accommodate the various ways individuals, young and old, respond to learning.

DXF uses different genres of fun and basic dance movements in classic and contemporary styles. The kickboxing segment is intended to induce a sense of empowerment while increasing stamina and flexibility. The strength training is geared to reduce body fat while increasing lean muscle mass to burn calories more efficiently. Soul line dancing is choreographed steps to Motown, jazz, pop, hip-hop, and rhythm and blues music which is interspersed throughout the session for interval training and cool down.

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