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Lisa Brown, Dance Coordinator / Choreographer / DXF® – Dance Xross Fitness® – Kingston

Lisa Brown has been dancing since the early age of 5, when her father forced her to participate in an art showcase he coordinated for their community in Staten Island, NY where she was born.  Despite the impromptu nature of this request, Lisa immediately connected with her natural given skill to dance and stole the show. At that point Lisa recognized her love for dance and realized early on that it was what she was destined to do. Lisa joined her father in an endeavor to start “Unique Fitness”, a dance studio launched in 2002 geared to attract young performers of Kingston, NY, the community in which she was raised.  Lisa taught dancers ranging from elementary age to High School. In 2003 Lisa and her father created a dance troupe called Energy Dance Company where Lisa was a primary dancer and key instructor. In 2006 Unique Fitness merged with the Center for Creative Education, a non-profit community organization based in Kingston, NY.  She maintained her position as a dance instructor and Troupe Leader along with coordinating numerous children’s programs and performance events. Lisa’s dance training stems from Broadway Dance Studio of New York, NY to Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy of Culver City, California. Lisa is known for her always new and fresh choreography and is loved and respected by all of her students as well as their parents.  For nearly 20 years Lisa has impressed others with her dynamic dance skills combined with her passionate work with children of all ages.  She is an avid believer in good mental and physical health and is determined to continue serving as a positive role model for youth. Contact Lisa at    

Energy – An In Depth Look at the International Youth Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany

The Center for Creative Education, Kingston, NY's Energy Elite dance troupe at the International Youth Festival in Bad Arolsen, Germany

Energy Goes to Germany

ENERGY Dance Co.

Energy is an Award Winning Dance Company of Kingston, NY. Award Winning Energy Dance Company of Kingston, NY has swept the valley with its fresh and entertaining Hip-Hop, Reggae and Latin dance styles. They have won awards at B.E.T’s segment of “Wild Out Wednesday” and “Showtime at the Apollo” at the world famous Apollo Theater.  They have competed in The Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic in Columbus, Ohio, winning first place in all four dance categories from youth to adults. In addition, they won first place in Hollywood Dance Competition held in Connecticut.  They have performed in the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Culver City, California where they were privileged to dance alongside well known choreographers for various artists.  Energy was the opening act for “America’s Best Dance Crew” and was named Albany’s “Number One Dance Crew” in Albany, New York. Membership is through audition.

Soul Line

Soul line dances or urban line dances such as the Cha Cha Slide or Booty Call are similar to country line dances except danced to soul, funk, gospel, hip hop or contemporary pop music. You may be familiar with the intricate footwork and hand/arm isolations on the hip hop dances seen on shows like America’s Best Dance Crew. Unlike hip hop dances, soul line dances are somewhat more accessible and can be done by people of all ages, shapes and sizes. You may be familiar with line dance songs like the Electric Slide or Macarena at weddings. Hip hop step dancing or soul line dancing offer the same kind of fun dancing with other people but without needing a partner. Many of these songs and dances would also be great line dances for high school proms and should definitely be on the DJ’s playlist. College dances, reunions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, retirement functions, mixers, and office parties could also slip in a line dance are two as they are so easy, everyone from kids to seniors can easily bust a move.

Hip-Hop Kids /Rhythym & Movement (4-7yrs)

Hip-Hop Kids for ages 4-7 is a fun, energetic class introduces children to the joy of dance, and focuses on creative movement, rhythm training, enriching the imagination, and increasing confidence & expression.

All Boys Break Dancing (B-Boys)

B-Boys break dancing class includes Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Boogying, Breakdancing, Breaking, B-boying, or B-girling is a blend of popular styles of dance that were born and developed as part of hip-hop culture among African Americans and Latino youths in Bronx, New York in the 1970′s. As a hip-hop dance, it is usually danced to hip hop music, no suggestive lyrics/movements in this class. This class incorporates intricate body movements, strong acrobatic moves, coordination, style, spontaneity, and fashion. The dancers often participate in battles, formal or informal dance competitions between dancing crews. Breakdancing is considered a good exercise and helps the dancers to improve flexibility, to develop body balance, and coordination.

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