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Hoop Dance Class

Tuesdays; Hoop Dance Class 7:30pm 


Please join me for an introduction to hoop dance.  This beginner hula hoop class includes gentle stretches, the basics of waist hooping, arm toning, an exploration of off-body tricks, and an introduction to flow.  Do you wonder why you struggle to keep the hoop up?  Perhaps you haven't tried the right sized hoop yet.  I provide hula hoops for all body types.  Let me share my passion for this movement art with you.  No experience necessary.  Lets build our hoop community together in a competition-free, judgment-free zone.  Come move with me.


Heather Davies

Heather Davies has been hooping since 2008. At that time, she was living in Ohio and going to festivals every weekend, where she began cultivating her flow and dreaming big dreams.

In 2011, her wonderful daughter Evangeline was born, which blossomed into an internal journey towards purpose and consciousness. Her hooping now carries the rhythmic signature of Gaia's most sacred of expressions - those of birth and rebirth.

Her flow took Heather back to NY to reconnect with her roots and family. In 2014 Small Tribe Hoops was born, with the mission of providing a space for other individuals to discover hoop dance and the flow within themselves.

Heather is passionate about the opportunity to share the flow arts with as many people as possible in an atmosphere of growth and encouragement. She has developed a space free of judgment and competition, for hoopers to share the love and embrace progression.

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